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I've created this page as a way to provide some of my Teacher-Dad Guides. I'm proud to have finished my first ebook on how to approach teachers about a student's academic struggles specifically targeting the ed concepts of inclusion and accommodations. It helps lay out a framework for how to best approach a teacher to come up with an accommodation plan to help a kiddo overcome academic struggles.

The Teacher-Dad’s Guide to Helping Your Struggling Student 
A book to help parents approach teachers about their student’s academic struggles

All kids deserve a quality education, but sometimes things don't go the way you wanted 
for your kiddo. This book breaks down the best ways to approach speaking with teachers 
about the academic hurdles your student might be facing. Topics include: Inclusion, Accommodations, and having a successful teacher/parent meeting.

Available through Amazon for your Kindle OR Kindle app! Click here.

Excerpt from the book

Chapter 2: Be an Advocate

Being your child’s expert bears a lot of responsibility. First and foremost, you have to advocate for your kiddo. It is your job to stand up for him to make sure that the proper attention is being paid to his academic success. You have to be willing to fight when necessary, and to take action when you believe his best interests are not being considered in the classroom setting. To do that, you have to know exactly what your kiddo needs to succeed, in and out of the classroom. An expert must be able to put into words precisely how the student’s academic hurdle challenges learning, and what steps a teacher can take to help fill those gaps. It takes a lot of strength and conviction to fill the advocate role, especially when dealing with teachers that do not show appreciation or respect for you as the child’s expert.

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