Friday, February 9, 2018

Friday Favorites... totally sick!

By the time I posted last week’s Teacher Dad Friday Favorites, I had called out sick from work. It was aweful! I swear that I hadn’t been that sick in more than 15 years. Shaking, chills. I seriously wanted to cry, and my kids thought I was going to have to go to the hospital. I was in bad shape.

That Friday morning I went to see the Nurse Practitioner that has become my medical person locally. She’s part of a larger group of health care providers in our area, so there is a bit of a network she’s a part of. That being the case, they have created (or use) an online system for messaging with patients, providing billing info, and keeping track of records. It’s similar to online grade books that teachers can use for communicating with parents.

So after seeing my FNP Friday morning, I left knowing that my rapid strep test was negative and that I’d have to wait all weekend to know anything more. But, with this MyChart system, I knew Sunday that my throat culture was positive for strep, and by 9am Monday my FNP had messaged me to let
me know my prescription would be waiting for me at my pharmacy! It was great, and incredibly convenient.

I even had to message her about getting a medical release to go back to work, and she was able to provide one to me online to print out with out having to go back in. I will admit that prior to this experience, I had been reluctant to sign up for MyChart. I couldn’t see why it would be helpful. But now, it’s definitly one of my new favorite things!

Thanks to The Vancouver Clinic and it’s use of MyChart! And FNP Heather, you rock! Thank you for your medical care and getting me back on my feet.

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