Thursday, August 6, 2015

Twists and Turns Can't Break Us

Just over a year ago, my family and I completed our 2400 mile move to Washington. The decision to leave our
home and lives in Alaska was hard to make, but opportunity called me to Washington. The opportunity for professional growth, better cost of living, and a more secure education system for our kids were driving factors.

It was a big decision, and with any decision there will always be factors that come out of nowhere making things a little more... interesting. 

There wasn't a way to foresee the drama coming from the moving company (never again doing that), or the difficulty in selling our house, or the health concerns that my wife would face during the last months of pregnancy, or the many other twists we faced. 

They say nothing strains a marriage as much as money concerns, and moving. My wife and I added to that a career change and a new baby. Put simply, we put ourselves through a lot. Ok, more than a lot. 

We faced our fair share of blaming each other for the different stressors. We argued. We fought. Unfortunately, even in front of our kids. It was hard not to in a 3 bedroom apartment. There are many moments that I'm not proud of for this year, and in many ways I questioned the decision we made in leaving. 

But through the arguing, through the stress, my wife and I always found ways to reconnect around the positives. The 5 healthy kids, the amazing families we come from, the supportive friends we have, our career opportunities, and the fact that we have each other. I couldn't imagine a life without her laugh and smile. A life without her "perfect imperfection" (thanks Mr. Legend ). 

I believe most marriages would have broken having gone through all that we've put ourselves through. But not us. We have eachother. And I know that while we're not perfect, we're perfect for eachother. 

So, to my wife, thank you. With our 14th wedding anniversary just days away, I hope you know that I love you more today than yesterday, and there is no one else in the world I want to grow old with. 
I think you're amazing in so many ways, and I can't wait to finally, FINALLY settle down and create the family life we all are ready to have in our new home. 

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