Friday, February 2, 2018

The Teacher Dad’s Friday Favorites

I’m excited to introduce my new weekly segment called “The Teacher Dad’s Friday Favorites.” Each Friday I’m going to feature something that I find to be a “go-to” for me as a teacher and/or as a dad. This could be a thing, or a place, or a thing at a place.... whatever I want to share each week. My hope is to introduce you to a something new that you might find just as interesting or helpful. It will also be a way to give a glimpse into my life as a teacher and father of 5.

The first thing I want to share has truly been a game changer for my family. Imagine the fun of being a dad and taking 5 kids grocery shopping. The fights about who stands on which part of the cart, or who the better helper is, or the common “are we done yet?” Buffered by the irritating “oh, don’t you have your hands full” and “some one’s in the dog house having to take the kids to the store.” The awkward fake laugh reply pails in comparison to the commenter’s own belly chuckle at there own poor sense of humor.

Natuarally, any chance I got to do the shopping at night or without my kiddos was one that I took. Then my glorious wife (yes she reads the blog.. hey honey) suggested that we try Fred Meyer’s ClickList. It’s wonderful. Plain and simple they do the shopping for you, walk it to your vehicle, load it and you drive away. Yes you have to pay, but it seriosuly takes you all of 10 min to drive up, get your groceries, and leave.

How it works:
1) Download the Fred Meyer App and link it to your Rewards card.
2) Set your favorite store location
3) Start shopping for your normal items. Leave a description of what you look for when picking
    things like produce or meat.
4) Check for digital coupons to save more money.
5) Check out and set your time for pick up.

Any items you order that they don’t have available will be substituted with a similar item if you permit it when you place your order. There are certain items I don’t do this for like our favorite tea, salad dressing, and laundry cleaners. But for most others this works just fine. The best part is that you pay whatever the best price is between what you ordered and the substituted item. For example, I always order the Fred Meyer brand almond milk, but when it’s substitued with a name brand we pay the cheaper price of the Fred Meyer brand.

I can’t ever envision going back to shopping the old way again. I hope wherever you are that you can use Fred Meyer’s ClickList or some version of it. It’s truly a game changer.

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