Friday, December 18, 2015

One year means so much

Our baby turns one today. Yeah.. I don't know how that happened either. A year moves so quickly, especially that first year of a baby's life. The last two years have been nothing short of a whirlwind. From a becoming pregnant, to a 2300 mile move, to a new job, to living in an apartment, to having the baby, to surviving the first year.. it's been a wild and wonderful adventure.

The best part is our little girl. I hope that as she grows older each year that she knows just how special she is to us all. For all the crazy the last 2 years have been, she has been nothing but perfect. This little one year old shows us how to love each day, and how to enjoy each moment regardless of the chaos that surrounds us. She is the perfect reminder of how the universe give you all that you can handle, and for that I couldn't be more happy.

Today also marks the 1 year anniversary that my loving wife nearly sacrificed herself for our baby. Nothing makes a man feel more insignificant than watching the struggle, sacrifice, and pain of childbirth. No amount of foot rubs, back rubs, or feeding ice chips makes up for all that a woman gives in having a baby. Last year, I stood by the side of my wife as her blood pressure kept rising. I watched the concern grown within the room. I promised it would be ok, but I didn't know. She was exhausted and in so much pain. But she never gave up. She put her heart, mind, and soul into caring for a safe delivery of our little girl. It was inspiring to hold her hand and to love through so much struggle. It's what makes my wife the amazing mother and person that she is. Her passion for our family, for her kids, is unmatched. She is amazing, and our kids and I are super lucky that we have her.

I love you my little girl, and my amazing wife. Today will always be a day to celebrate the both of you.

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